Spa Dining Halls

Spa Dining Halls

Meals for adult clients as part of comprehensive spa or contributory care are provided in the spa dining halls in the building of the sanatorium Priessnitz, Bezruč and Jan Ripper. Children's canteens in the Wolker and Jubilee Villa buildings are reserved for children's clients and their escorts.


Rational or selective diet?

Rational diet

Rational diet is a standard form of catering for clients on a complex or contributory stay and is provided in all spa dining halls. Its name is based on the Latin word racio, which translates as reason. Such a diet is varied, moderate in quantity, balanced in content, and healthy in composition. It is served three times a day and includes a drinking regime. In the case of child clients, morning and afternoon snacks are also provided.


Spa Dining Room Selection

The dining room is assigned to the client at the reception upon their arrival with regard to their place of stay and the catering type. If the client is accommodated in a spa hotel with its own dining room, they usually eat there. The dining room is allocated to clients of other spa hotels and dependencies with regard to the best availability and current free capacity.We change the dining room at the client's request provided that the operating capacity allows it. The client can request a change of their dining room at the reception.


Spa Dining Room Rules

We would like to ask our clients to go to the spa dining room only in formal clothes (gentlemen: long trousers, closed shoes, ladies: dress or long trousers, formal shoes).Taking dishes out of the dining room is not allowed for hygienic reasons. Tableware taken out from the dining room will be automatically charged to your hotel bill.