Dining at the spa resort

As part of your spa stay at Priessnitz Spa, our nutritionists and chefs prepare every day for you a wide selection of dishes, both traditional and international. A wide range of vegetarian and diet dishes as well as a variety of regional and seasonal ingredients, fruit and vegetables are a matter of course.

Breakfast and dinner are buffet-style. At lunchtime, menu is usually served and a salad buffet and a dessert are offered.  The buffet offer enables clients to conveniently choose from the delicacies to their taste and pleasure.

Comfort is a further advantage. Thanks to the higher capacity of the selection restaurant, there is no need to split customers into groups. Therefore you can enjoy our gastronomy in peace anytime of our breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Of course you can also buy extra drinks from our varied drinks menu.

A nutrient-rich diet and a regular drinking regime were an important part of the local spa treatment in Gräfenberg right from the start. A tailored and varied diet was considered by Vincenz Priessnitz as one of the most important healing factors. However, he was strict and prohibited his patients from drinking coffee, tea, beer and liqueurs. As an exception, he only allowed wine. At present our team of nutrition specialists and chefs ensures a balanced and healthy diet. Please accept our invitation and visit our restaurants, coffee houses and bars. Perhaps our founder will forgive us for drinking a cup of coffee, a good liqueur or a glass of wine in Gräfenberg.

The dining halls in the spa centres offer a wide selection of dishes of local and international cuisine. Naturally, dietary and vegetarian options are included on menus. While breakfasts are offered in the form of hot and cold buffets, table service is provided for lunches and evening meals. A fresh salad buffet is always available.

Dining at the spa resort

Breakfast raut 160 CZK
Lunch served 170 CZK
Dinner raut 220 CZK
Half-board 380 CZK
Full-board 550 CZK

Serving times are 7.00 - 10 am for breakfast, 11 am - 1 pm for lunch and 5 - 7.00 pm for dinner.