Vincenz Priessnitz Balneopark

Vincenz Priessnitz Balneopark

Vincenz Priessnitz Company arranged a ceremonial opening of a unique Balneopark in the area of Priessnitz Health Spa in August 2010. Balneopark is designed as a “water garden” where a small brook flows through park, with a system of stops used for hydrotherapy and relaxation.

The healing effect is not caused by cold itself, but by heat that is subsequently initiated by cold water
Vincenz Priessnitz

There you can find the Priessnitz natural baths of upper and lower limbs, Priessnitz foot bath with acupressure, Priessnitz bench, water massages, showers or terraces for rest and exercise. Its conception follows traditional water cure methods of Vincenz Priessnitz. With help of cold water, sun, exercises and modified regimen we return the health to people today too. Priessnitz Health Spa clients as well as visitors may freely rest and relax there.

Priessnitz natural baths of upper and lower limbs

A small pool with the waterline of 60cm for lower limbs bath and two granite bath tubs for upper limbs bath - all with fresh cold water. In the pool for lower limbs the patients walk and rise up their knees; bath of upper limbs means to immerse arms into cold water in the granite tubs.

Priessnitz foot bath with acupressure

A small pool with the waterline of 20 cm and bottom consisting of pebbles in different sizes. Walking on pebbles helps to massage the soles.

Priessnitz bench

The clients sit on the wooden bench and swing their foots in free water.

Priessnitz water jets

This includes 4 jets, each two pairs in opposite directions in height of 75 cm (for the area of buttocks and lower limbs) and 120 cm (for the area of shoulders, back and upper limbs).

Priessnitz shower

A natural shower with cold spring water.

In the area of Balneopark there are also other places which are not designed for hydrotherapy:

  • waterfall
  • water areas
  • terraces for sunbathing, rest and exercising

The project is co-financed by European Union - European fund for regional development within the Operational programme for cross-border cooperation Czech Republic - Polish Republic 2007-2013.

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