Gräfenberg Walking

Gräfenberg Walking

In the first half of 19th century, Vincenz Priessnitz promoted staying and walking outdoors in fresh air. He used to encourage the patients go for long walks in the surrounding forests, during which they took a nature shower, drank spring water, sunbathed, and walked in dew with bare feet. Thus, Gräfenberg Walking wisely connects the two most remarkable features of Priessnitz Medical Spa: the nutrition and daily regime, and the uniqueness of the local climate together with the beneficial geological anomalies below the spa campus.

GRÄFENBERG WALKING is an active way of walking in a harmonic pace. Both your legs and arms are moving. The poles one carries in his or her hands coordinate the movements of upper limbs into one harmonic movement.

GRÄFENBERG WALKING is a pleasant way of movement suitable for people of every age, of all levels of physical fitness. The heart rate goes to a level where one may feel well for long hours, though the energy consumption is pretty high, it raises by 40 per cent. Up to 600 muscles are in move during nordic walking, that is practically 90 per cent of the body`s muscles.

A Grafenberg Walking training with an instructor is organized all year long. You can ask for more information about the training times in the Spa Information Centre.

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