Karlova Studanka - Bila Opava - Praded – Cervenohorske sedlo

Number of km: 18.5
Elevation: 677 m
Difficulty level: Difficult

Route description

The point of departure is Karlova Studanka, a small spa town. From here, follow the yellow trail along the tarmac road. At a right-hand curve, both the blue and yellow trails turn into the forest. Going across moderate terrain, you arrive at a crossroads, where the trails split and a nature trail starts. To enter the trail, there is a symbolic voluntary charge. Turn to follow the yellow trail. The route is difficult and takes you through the canyon of the river Bila Opava. The trail uses a pathway leading along the stream over stones and tree roots, often over small bridges, with one of the sections even employing chains especially installed to grasp onto. Having passed a small and large waterfall, rejoin the blue trail. You have now arrived at the tourist chalet called Barborka, where you can take in some refreshments after the challenging climb. From here you continue to the mountain top of Praded. Join the wide tarmac road; it was built when the television transmitter tower was being constructed and takes you up to the mountain peak. From the mountain’s foot, there is a beautiful view, especially that of the pumped storage hydroelectric plant called Dlouhe strane and the mountain ridge of Hruby Jesenik - Vysoka hole, Petrovy kameny, Maly Ded, Cervena hora and Keprnik mountain tops. If such a view is not enough, then take the opportunity of going up to the altitude of 1563 metres using a chairlift to see everything from a bird's eye view. Continue back to the trail junction marked as Praded (rozc.) and then take the red (green) public footpath trail leading to Svycarna. This is another place that is great for refreshing oneself. From Svycarna, go half a kilometre to a trail junction called Slate, where the red trail diverts to continue along the ridge via the Maly Jezernik and Vyrovka mountain tops. This route is sure to surprise with its beautiful views, both in Jesenik and Kouty nad Desnou directions. Alternatively, take a turn onto the blue trail when at the Slate junction and continue via the Kamzik Hotel. However, expect increased traffic here, as this route is also used by cyclists. Both routes will take you to Cervenohorské sedlo - a winter tourist resort as well as the starting point for trips. From this place you can easily travel in the direction of Sumperk or Jesenik. But if your feet are still in good shape, feel free to continue via Vresova studanka, Keprnik and Serak to Ramzova.