Jesenik - Zlaty chlum - Velke mechove jezirko

Number of km: 12.5
Elevation: 482 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route description

From Jesenik, go along the blue trail across the town’s park of Smetanovy sady (passing the Priessnitz monument) to the hill of Krizovy vrch – a great place to take in some refreshments. There is also a church. Continue along the blue trail to a trail junction marked as Krizovy vrch (rozc.), where you join the parallel red-marked trail. Take a climb to the hill of Zlaty chlum, where some more refreshments might be a good idea and enjoy the view over the valley of the rivers of Bela and Staric. From Zlaty chlum, continue along the red trail via Bile skaly and Chlapecke kameny to the sign Rejviz - rozc. u háj. From here you continue along the blue trail to the lake of Velke mechove jezirko, or you can go as far as Rejviz to a former chalet called Noskova chata, where a nature trail leads to a moss lake. This moderately difficult trail shall take you mainly along forest paths.