Studniční Vrch

Studniční Vrch

Studniční Vrch Hill is indeed a unique one. There are sixty springs, monuments, lookouts, and crosses on its hillsides. Thanks to tourist theme trails, you can also discover them.

Trail of Vincenz Priessnitz

By nine of the springs, you can find nine information panels talking about the history of the spa. The trail takes you for example to the slightly radioactive Jitřní Spring or to the boldly built-up Rumunský Spring, children can read short rhymes of Kapka Turistka on the panels. The six-kilometer trail begins by the bus terminal stop in the spa, and ends on the Southern Hillside above the spa. Walking the whole trail takes about three hours, and like Priessnitz always said... Take it easy, no rush!

Lively water trail

The trail takes you to 10 panels describing various remarkable qualities of water and showing photographs of the local spring water crystals. There are also 17 springs along the trail, dating back to 19th century, the time of the biggest boom of Priessnitz Spa. Additionaly, there are wooden sculptures of fairy tale figures to be seen, carved benches and nature showers. The trail is suitable solely for walking, and the walk lasts three hours. You will both start and finish your 6,5-kilometer-long tour at the Jitřní Spring.