DiscGolfPark Priessnitz

DiscGolfPark Priessnitz

Do you enjoy challenge and outdoor activity? Come to play DiscGolf! It is a favourite game that has origins in golf. Instead of the ball, you are trying to hit the hole - an iron basket - with a disc.

DiscGolf was invented in the United States. The goal of the game is to hit the hole with the lowest number of throws. With each throw, you can choose among discs of different length, direction and shape of its flight. The course is built in the Park of Vincenz Priessnitz, which makes the course very interesting by the natural obstacles. At each hole, there is also a task questioning children some fact about the spa, and when answering the questions, you may receive a small gift in the Spa Information Centre. There you can also borrow the playing discs.

Price list:

Discs are available for rent at the Spa Information Centre or at the Priessnitz Hotel reception desk.


 1 disc rental 60 CZK / 2 hours
 2 - 5 discs rental 120 CZK / 2 hours

Spa clients:

1 disc rental 50 CZK / 2 hours
2 - 5 discs rental 100 CZK / 2 hours

Opening hours: