Why to try Gräfenberg Walking?

Why to try Gräfenberg Walking?
  • Thanks to the parallel moving of arm, 90% of muscles are moving.
  • It burns 400 calories per hour, compared to 280 calories by a casual walk.
  • An optimal outdoor exercise to reduce weight.
  • People with differing fitness can train together, which might be difficult to say about other sports.
  • It enhances the heart function and circulatory system fitness.
  • The heart rate is raised by 5 to 17 beats per minute.
  • Less challenging than jogging, and equaly effective thanks to influencing the circulatory system.
  • Improves coordination.
  • The aerobic endurance is being improved, the muscles of the upper body are strengthened, and the tension in shoulders and back of the neck is lessened. Grafenberg Walking is a great prevention of backache, especially for those who are seated in their work.
  • The looseness of the spine is enhanced.
  • It is not harmful to joints and knees, especially by those suffering with overweight.
  • It is the best outdoor sport suitable for rehabilitation after sport injuries.
  • The actual way of moving is very easy, easy to learn and natural for the body. One feels very securely while walking, therefore Grafenberg Walking is suitable for aged people, also.
  • You can do Grafenberg Walking in every terrain and season. You do not need special sport dress.
  • At the same time, you are exercising legs, hips and upper body muscles, as well as your total endurance. It is important to enjoy Grafenberg Walking and to walk regularly throughout the whole year.