Lazne Jesenik - Bile kameny - Jeskyne na Spicaku

Number of km: 14.5
Elevation: 440 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route description

From Jesenik, you go along the blue-marked trail (called the musician’s trail) to Lazne Jesenik (Jesenik Spa). Here you can visit the Museum of Vincent Priessnitz and take in some refreshments. Then continue along the red trail across the meadow, passing the Enhuber tombstone and the springs of Jitrni pramen and Vecerni pramen as far as the crossroads above the spring of Vecerni pramen. Here turn onto the blue trail. Please note that due to poor terrain this starts the more difficult part of the route. You get, via a trail junction marked as rozc. Potok Lubina a Sedelko Klen, to the place where a cycling route diverts from the main one - the spa route marking (near the chalet). Things are not terribly clear here - be careful not to leave the blue trail - you need to turn into the forest (before getting to the cottage). Following the trail, you climb to the place called Bile kameny. There is no view from here due to overgrown vegetation. A rather difficult road leads you to the destination - the caves called Jeskyne na Spicaku – here there exists the opportunity to take a tour and buy refreshments. Then continue around the former sand pit and cross the railway. To return, you can either take a train to Jesenik or go to the bus stop located about 1 km down the hill if you prefer the bus option.