Zulova - Ripperuv kamen - Lazne Jesenik

Number of km: 14.5
Elevation: 600 m
Difficulty level: Medium

Route description

From Zulova you will go along the red-marked trail. Cross the tracks and turn right (tarmac road) after the bridge. Walk around the houses and go upstream along the river. After a while, the trail turns left at the curve of the road, and continues over meadows. Then it connects with a former railway line. You come to a quarry called Rampa in Cerna Voda, where swimming is possible on hot days. From there you head to the nearby ruins of Kaltenstejn castle. They lie on a hill called Hradisko. There you can visit the remains of fortifications as well as the ruins of the castle tower. Then you go via Stare Podhradi to Ripperuv kamen. From the trail junction marked as Prudky potok onwards the road slowly begins to rise. You come to an old wall (the remnants of quarrying), where you can find the spring of Mariin pramen. The next part of the route is quite challenging. You eventually reach Ripperuv kamen, where you can rest and refresh yourself in a wooden shelter using your own supplies and write a greeting in the mountain-top guestbook. When going down to the spa, continue to follow the red trail, which is later joined by the blue and green. You shall be passing important spa springs - Finsky, Vecerni and Jitrni, as well as the Enhuber tombstone. Coming out of the woods, there is a view from the meadow to the spa of Jesenik. From the spa, you can get to Jesenik by following the blue-marked trail along the spa colonnade and then a road called the musician’s trail. This is a route of medium difficulty, passable from both ends, i.e. from both Lazne Jesenik and Zulova.