Information area in front of the Hrad

Information area in front of the Hrad

In October 2014, we have unveiled a new information are in front of the oldest building still standing since the times of Priessnitz - the Hrad. The information are widens the ways to provide information in our region by the Polish borders. The tradition of two nations living together was multiplied by the development of spas, starting in Priessnitz`s times.

The main goal of the project was reconstruction of the centre of the spa resort campus and to offer information to its visitors. The paving and the small pond were renewed, and a stony acupressure pavement was built. Even Vincenz Priessnitz knew the importance of walking, and his patients were walking with bare feet and stimulating nerves on the sole, just like on the acupressure pavement.

The new information area enhances the access to information thanks to an information kiosk and large screen. There are information concerning the cultural programme, sport events, weather screened on the screen. Moreover, you can have a look at live pictures from the webcams placed at Balneopark, Bezručův Spring, and the springs Adéla, Flóra, Adolf.

The information are was built as a joined project of the Vincenz Priessnitz Society and the Gmina Glucholazy. Its aim is to protect and restore the natural and cultural heritage and the legacy of Vincenz Priessnitz in the bordering regions of the two countries.

Project dates
Project beginning – 1st May, 2014
Construction until – 31st October, 2014

This project is co-financed by the European Union - the European Regional Development Fund, under the Cross-border Cooperation Operations Programme, Czech Republic - Poland 2007-2013.