Marble bench with a relief entitled "RETURNING GERMAN HUNTERS" (E)

Marble bench with a relief entitled

This is a newly restored sculpture entitled Returning German Hunters. The artist behind it was Engelbert Kaps, a renowned local sculptor native to the town of Jesenik, who created this bench featuring the relief at the beginning of the 20th century.

Having been awarded immovable cultural heritage status, this work of art was located in the Vincenz Priessnitz Park as requested by the owner, the town of Jesenik. This decision was based on the conclusions and recommendations of a detailed survey of the monument and its restoration method, as developed by the College of Conservators and Sculptors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and their professional workshops.

Restoring the monument took place through a basic conservation process, which consisted of individual procedural stages and an extensive phase of sculptural repair.

In addition to statically and constructionally securing the structure, creating a plaster cast of the original was necessary, with plastic moulding studies being carried out to supplement any damaged and lost elements. In conjunction with the latter technique, other works by the sculptor were analysed, as was his original documentation. Furthermore, the architectural elements of the structure were reconstructed from stone.

The restoration of the monument was something entrusted to individuals attending the College of Conservators and Sculptors by the town of Jesenik. It was carried out by students Eva Míčková and Pavel Charypar as part of their diploma thesis, under the leadership of Professor Petr Siegl, with work taking place in 2010 and 2011.