Children playground and play rooms

Children playground and play rooms

Priessnitz Medical Spa is specialized in children spa care. In 2014, the highest number of children patients within the whole Czech Republic visited our spa. There are three spa houses suited for 2-year-old kids, sport grounds; leisure time team to care about their free time. Medical professionals are ready to care about them, the kids can take part in a specialized Happy Spa programme. And of course, playgrounds and play rooms.


There are children playgrounds equiped with monkey bars, swings, and slides by the Priessnitz Sanatorium, Wolker and Mír Spa Houses.

Dětská multifunkční hřiště s prolézačkami, houpačkami, skluzavkou a dalšími herními prvky můžete navštívit u lázeňských domů Wolker, Mír a za Sanatoriem Priessnitz.

Playgrounds can be played at all year long, under a grown-up`s supervision.


Play rooms with a lot of toys and playing elements are situated in the Wolker, Mír, and Maryčka Spa Houses.

Play rooms are open all day long, with exception of the noon and evening quiet times.