Priessnitz Balneocentre

Priessnitz Balneocentre

After an extensive reconstruction in 2010 we opened new and modern balneological centre in the spa house Priessnitz. Connection of traditional Priessnitz hydrotherapy and modern wellness and beauty activities has very agreeable effects.

Traditional procedures  

Place for traditional procedures was built in spirit of traditional cure of the founder of modern hydrotherapy Vincenz Priessnitz.  There are wooden baths designed for traditional procedures (such as Priessnitz single-phase or double-phase half-bath) as well as new “Sauna World”. There you can find three types of sauna: aromasauna, Finnish sauna and steam sauna together with cooling pool and showers, Priessnitz footwalk for baths of lower limbs, a whirlpool for six persons and resting area with little refreshement. This area was built for hydrotherapy procedures, which are based on combination of cold and hot stimulations.

Modern wellness

It is designed as a place for relaxation, recuperation, finding of balance and reduction of risk of civilizational diseases. In newly installed tubs we offer both traditional baths (sparkling, herbal and peat baths, baths with salts from Dead Sea) and baths with aromatic oils, rose and almond tree blossoms, wine bath and relaxation beer bath. New water massage tubs are equipped with 130 jets and combination of appropriate temperature and water jets brings relaxation of muscles. A small pool for baths of lower limbs is designed for baths with changing of warm and cold water. A whirlpool for 4 persons is installed in a separate room where resting area, shower and little refreshment are available. You can also find water jets for hot and cold showers in this modern wellness area.

Individual techniques

These rooms were reconstructed for offering overall relaxation, clearing off inorganic substances from organism and improving condition of the motional system. The area also includes rooms for various types of massages, computer kinesiology, podological examination and rehabilitation.

Beauty studio

It is focused on forming and beautifying body with effects to external and internal environment of the body, improvement of skin condition and enhancement of quality of clients´ lifes. It includes modern tubs for baths, relaxation area, lymphatic drainages, apparatus Waldmann and other equipment for dermatological treatment. In Beauty studio you can find a completely unique innovation that achieves high effectiveness with reduction of fat layers, removal of cellulites, consolidation and smoothening of skin, improvement of oxygenation of tissues - by using of VIP Line apparatus.