For children

For children

Priessnitz Spa Resort is an ideal destination for treating children`s diseases - thanks to its medical procedures, clean mountain air and leisure-time activities. An array of service is offered for children, comprising of accommodation and dining in spa houses suited especially for them, as well as free-time programme called "Happy Spa".


The Happy Spa program is there both to enhance the physical condition of the children patients as well as to make  them fully enjoy their free-time and to show them interesting places in of the spa resort campus. Our greatest joy is to see happy and healthy children returning home from the spa with many new experiences, and a wish to arrive in the Priessnitz Spa Resort again.


The Happy Spa program offers a wide range of leisure time activities for all the children accommodated in the spa resort. What kind of activities are they?

Carnivals, theatre performances, childrens` olympic games, fairytail trails, quizes, creative workshops and many more enjoyable activities.

What the kids enjoy most is the freshness of the mountain air in Priessnitz Spa Resort. The smallest ones can take a chance to play at the playground, the bigger ones can set out for a walk and walk the hillsides of the Studniční Mountain, play at the multi-purpose sport grounds, or just have a rest and breathe in the herbs inhalatorium. And there is much more we offer! There are mountain bike and cross-country scooter rental, DiscGolf course, Gräfenberg Walking trails, swimming pool, tourist road train, ice-skating ring, skiing slope, and salt breathing room in the spa resort. Moreover, there are one-day trips being organized regularly, such as visiting a deer farm or a mini-zoo.

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