Cultural and sport occasions

Cultural and sport occasions

Year by year, lots of cultural and sport occasions are held in the spa as well as in Jeseník. Here is a short list of them. Please have a look at Events to learn about the specific dates of the occasions.


CzechoSlovak psychopharmacological conference - nationwide conference of psychiatrists, pharmacologists and other specialists, Priessnitz Spa

Priessnitz`s Cake - international youth confectioners` competition, Priessnitz Spa

Carnival on the Ice - children will enjoy it on the ice ring, Priessnitz Spa


Official Season Ball of the city of Jeseník and Priessnitz Medical Spa      


International Water Day -  celebrated in the world`s 1st watercure spa, Priessnitz Spa

Easter in the Spa - Priessnitz Spa   


Theatre Festival - a festival of amateur theatre companies from the Jeseník Region, Jeseník

Witches Burning - celebrating the beginning of the spring, Priessnitz Spa 


Spa Season Opening  - festive beginning of the spa season, Priessnitz Spa and Jeseník        

Course de la Paix - renewed cycling race, Priessnitz Spa and Jeseník


Children Day in Priessnitz Medical Spa - fun, competiotions, concerts

Rychlebská 7, 20, 30, 40 Hike - a hike through the Rychlebské Hory Mountains


Spa Summer - summer cinema, concerts, spa tours, Priessnitz Spa                             

Jeseník Region is Having Fun - music marathon, Priessnitz Spa


Spa Summer - summer cinema, concerts, spa tours, Priessnitz Spa                

Folk Music Siesta - folk music groups, Jeseník

Film Screening on the Square - film classics and new films under Jeseník sky, Jeseník


Security Day - show of ambulance and fire rescue workers, Priessnitz Spa

PRIESSNITZ CUP - tennis tournament, Priessnitz Spa

European Cultural Heritage Days - festival of cultural heritage, Jeseník       

St. Wenceslas Conference - conferences, seminars, concerts, Priessnitz Spa and Bílá Voda


Vincenze Priessnitz Week - celebrating the birth of the modern water-cure founder, Priessnitz Spa


Drakiáda Kite Show - for big and small, Priessnitz Spa

Halloween - ghosts in the spa, Priessnitz Spa


St. Nicholas on Ice - gifts on the ice ring, Priessnitz Spa 

Christmas Market - Christmas atmosphere, Jeseník

New Year`s Eve Stays - Priessnitz Spa