Ice skating ring

Ice skating ring

Ice skating and winter time belong together. Do you agree? Why not to put your skates on? From the beginning of December till March, you can enjoy a lot of fun at the Priessnitz Spa Resort ice ring. Couple of times during the ice skating season, you will be part of an icy disco and carnival under a starry sky.

Price list:

90 minutes:
Chilren up to 15years/ 25 CZK. Skates rental 25 CZK.
Adults 50 CZK, skates rental 50 CZK.

Schools and organizations renting the whole ice ring:

Elementary schools 350 CZK/90 minutes.
Ice-hockey teams 1000 CZK/90 minutes.

Pass ticket:

10 entries 225 CZK / children
10 entries 450 CZK / adults
25 entries 575 CZK / children
25 entries 1150 CZK / adults

Opening hours:
Ice skating season starting on Dec 5th, 2016.

For questions regarding ice ring booking, please call 584 491 128 or 724 305 126.

The spa ice skating ring is also supported by the Jeseník city council.