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The founder of our spa resort Vincenz Priessnitz has developed a system of principles of natural body care. We follow his legacy of nature cure and spa treatment and supplement it with the latest medical knowledge. In our spa you can choose from a variety of spa and wellness treatments not only in the spa hotels, but also in the unique outdoor Balneopark.

We recommend you to consult the doctor and follow their recommendations for the stay at our spa  or to choose from the offer of over-the-counter treatments , which help you to recharge your batteries, rest, relieve pain and prevent civilization diseases.

We are proud of the traditional Priessnitz hydrotherapy procedures which have been awarded the renowned certification "JESENÍKY originální produkt ®". You can also try the unsurpassed treatments from exotic Indonesia and Thailand. We also offer procedures, individual massages and baths scented with herbs, as well as relaxing massages and beauty services. We do not forget about children – we have prepared a range of procedures for them.

Procedures for children

Baths (from preschool age)
330 CZK

Baths (from preschool age)

For your child you can choose from a range of baths: herbal bubble bath, bubble bath with Dead Sea salt, herbal bath, hemp bath, bubble bath.
Classic partial massage
545 CZK

Classic partial massage

(suitable from 12 years old) The massage normalizes skin and muscle tension, improves blood circulation in the massaged area and improves tissue nutrition. The overall effect can be either calming or invigorating.
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