Unique location

The then village Grafenberg, a place where the first hydrotherapy spa institute of the world was founded, is considered to be a unique place within the whole Europe. It is situated just above a geological bedrock containing tectonic breaks, and some metals and trace elements are proven to spring from bedrock to the surface where the spa resort is located. Significant tectonic breaks are situated on the north-end side of the spa campus and in the proximity of the Bezruč spring. These geological anomalies influence the quality of climate, water, and energy of the place. Priessnitz himself was surely aware of this energetic richness of the place, without having today`s modern machines and measurements.


The climate in the spa campus is being influenced by atmospheric currents of the Baltic Sea containing iodine ions and sea salt molecules. High mountains protect the spa resort to the south, west, and east. Thus, Priessnitz Spa Resort`s air is the cleanest one within the whole continental Europe.


The healing potential of the local climate is multiplied by the presence of rare biogenic elements, e.g. sodium, potassium, calcium, lithium, iron, and zinc. They all spring in high volumes from the bedrock to the surface. Therefore, the climate in the spa is similar to renowned spa places such as Bad Gastein in Austria or Carlsbad Cavity in the U.S.A.


And the water? The power of the mountain springs lies in their molecular structure, which makes them literally a "living water". Water molecules do generally form so called clusters and these clusters provide water with a "memory". Positive influences of the surrounding nature make the water "alive" (its molecules form more complex clusters), negative influences make it "dead" (the clusters break). According to a research conducted by Liechtensteiner Hado Life Europe laboratory, the water springs in Priessnitz Spa Resort are of a high "liveliness". The most "lively" is a few known Finnish spring. On the other hand, the Priessnitz spring, Bezruč spring, Evening spring, and Morning spring do have a small health-boosting radioactivity.

It is not by coincidence that Priessnitz claimed not himself, but the place to have the biggest healing power.


Recent history

After 1989, the Jesenik spa was privatised, becoming a public limited company, and adopted the name of its celebrated founder - Priessnitz Medical Spa plc. The company's emblem is a lion, symbolising the victorious path of Priessnitz’s hydrotherapy techniques, while also committing the successors of the famed ‘Water Doctor’ to returning to clients their health and happiness by using pure natural resources hand-in-hand with the latest scientific knowledge.

During 1996-2004, the main buildings at the spa were renovated, and the variety of options available to clients for stays and services were extended and enhanced. Today, the Priessnitz Spa underlines its uniqueness by applying modern therapeutic methods that concern the treatment of mental, physical and dermatological problems. Most recently, in 2010, construction work was completed on new balneological premises at the Priessnitz spa centre.
The spa has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate (LL-C Certifikation).